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  • New Flat Tax for foreign income

In a way to attract investment ad human capital, Italy is offering a special package of incentives to new residents. The offer will appeal to HWNIs and UHWNIs planning a move especially in view of Brexit or changes in foreign tax rules. The new resident, can opt to pay an annual flat tax of Eur 100.000. A lower amount of Eur 25.000 is charged for each of their family members, defined very abroad as spouses, descendants, brothers and sisters, parents and parents in-law, sons and daughter in-law.

The flat tax option is available from 2017 and new tax residents are eligible if they have lived outside Italy for at least nine out of the previous ten years. Once elected, the arrangement remains in place for a maximum of 15 years.

We can help you with all of the following:

  • Flat tax eligibility check;
  • Tax analysis of your assets and income;
  • Exit tax check;
  • Residence status test for Italy and your country of origin;
  • Preparation and submission of your tax ruling application;
  • Italian tax compliance while the package is in place;
  • Visa procedures;
  • Wealth and inheritance tax planning.



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